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KB1046 - Wheelie Control

Wheelie Control

Some of the EFI Technology ECU products are capable of wheelie/ride height control. The most advanced features are found on the R8/R16 ECU product line. The system uses a laser sensor mounted under the front of the vehicle and monitors the ride height. If the ride height exceeds the programmed maximum value the ECU will progressively retard the spark timing to reduce the engine power.


Wheelie Configuration - Enables the following ECU control functions. With this constant selected, press the Details button to open the bit editor window.

Minimum Speed (mph) - Sets the minimum speed in mph before the control is active.

Proportional Gain - Sets the P Gain for the control system.

Integral Gain - Sets the I Gain for the control system.

Integral Timer - Sets the I Timer for the control system.

Maximum Retard (deg) - Sets the maximum allowed spark reqard for the control system.


The laser ride height sensor should be mounted under the vehicle near the front. The base engine maps already have a sensor calibration table in place that reads ride height in inches from approx 2 to 48 inches.

Set the Proportional Gain to 50 as a starting point. A higher number will make the control system more agressive and retard the spark timing faster as the ride height exceeds the maximum allowed.

Set the maximum retard that you want the control system to have. 10 degs is a typical starting point. The timing can never go lower than TDC regardless of the gain settings.


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