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KB1048 - Using the nitrous launch kit

Launch kit

One of the advanced features of the R8 ECU product line is the ability to activate a nitrous kit while on the 2 step limiter. Any of the kits numbered 2 through 8 can be used for this feature. Nitrous kit number 1 does not support this option.

The "Enable 2 step Nitrous" option must first be enabled in the map under "Launch Constants/Configuration. If you are using kits 7 or 8 then they must also be enabled under "Nitrous Configuration".


  1. Enable the "2 step Nitrous" option under Launch Control.
  2. Set the start time to zero for the kit you want to use.
  3. Enter the added fuel and spark retard for this kit.
  4. Enter the shut off time for the launch kit selected.

    The arm switch input must be grounded. When the nitrous rpm and throttle limits are met and the transbrake (beacon) input is still high the launch kit will activate. After releasing the transbrake the launch kit will continue to function until the shut off time has been reached.

    If you want the launch kit to remain on for the duration of the run then set the shutoff time to 20 secs.


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