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KB1024 - How to install and configure iLink


Version 9.0 supports the "iLink" software. This new feature allows real-time ECU data to be sent to a remote location over the internet, allowing EFI personnel to monitor your ECU, check engine sensors, read diagnostic codes, view your engine map and more. Technical support has never been easier.

System Requirements

Before you can use iLink you must have installed and registered the iLink library file. If this is a new installation the install CD will perform this step for you but if not this can be done manually from the command line of the Power to Win directory.

Enter "c:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe EFiLink.dll"

You will see a dialog box confirming that the library was successfully registered. If the message says "failed to register library" you can use the depends.exe program described in the Help file to diagnose the problem.


Before a valid connection can be established the remote site must first be configured and ready to accept your data. You must contact your EFI representative and request the IP address and port number to receive your engine data. In most cases you can use the default settings defined in the software.


  1. On the iLink menu, click Setup.
  2. Enter the IP address for the remote location.
  3. Enter the port number.
  4. Select the Send or Receive option. (password protected)
  5. Click OK to save changes.

Sending Data

  1. On the iLink menu, click Connect.
  2. Your ECU data will now be sent over iLink.

    While connected all of your engine data is continuously transmitted to the remote site, including any diagnostics messages or error codes. The recipient can monitor this data, using their own screen templates and can then assist with engine mapping, diagnosing problems and performance tuning.

  3. Use the Disconnect menu to close the connection.

Sending a Map

  1. On the iLink menu, click Send Map.
  2. The current map will be sent over iLink to the remote site.
  3. The recipient will receive notification that your map has been sent.

    Once the engine map has been received it can be saved to disk and then loaded into the file folder of System Editor for detailed analysis.

  4. The transmission of engine data over iLink will resume.

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