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KB1038 - Nitrous Control

Nitrous Control

Many of the EFI Technology ECU products are capable of Nitrous Control. The most advanced features are found on XTR and R8 ECU products. These ECU's can control up to 8 independent Nitrous solenoids each with fully programmable timers.

The Nitrous Control is armed when the engine is above the rpm and throttle limits and is activated by the clutch switch. Some systems also use a master enable switch. After launch the ECU controls the Nitrous solenoids and Fuel Injectors to add fuel based on the flow and timer settings for each stage. The ignition timing is also retarded by the number of degrees programmed for each stage.

Nitrous Constants

Stage Tuning

For each of the 8 stages the user can program the settings for the Nitrous timers, Added Fuel and Spark Retard. Open the Stage 1 Constants and enter values for the following parameters.

The added fuel for each stage is calculated by taking the ratio of the fuel added to the injector static flow rate. This is then divided by the engine rpm and converted to a pulse width that is added to the base value in the fuel map. The amount of total fuel to add is dictated by the size of the Nitrous solenoids and the customers required air/fuel ratio.

For optimum performance it is recommended that the engine has been well mapped for both fuel and ignition in the naturally aspirated configuration before activating the Nitrous controls. Any unused stages should have the fuel and spark parameters set to zero.


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