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KB1042 - Auto Purge Function

Auto Purge

Many of the EFI Technology ECU products are capable of Nitrous Control. The most advanced features are found on the R8 ECU product line. These ECU's can control up to 6 independent Nitrous solenoids each with fully programmable timers.

The nitrous bottles are purged as standard procedure prior to launch to bring the pressures down to the required limit. This is typically done manually by the driver. The R8 ECU has an "Auto Purge" featiure that automates this process.

The "Auto Purge" function must first be enabled in the map under "Nitrous Constants" and the target bottle pressure also set. There is a calibration curve for the bottle pressure transducers that can be edited if using different sensors to standard.


  1. Set the "Master Enable" switch to activate and arm the nitrous control system.
  2. Press and release the "Purge Button" to start the purge function.

    The ECU will activate the 2 purge solenoids and monitor the bottle pressures. When each bottle has reached its target pressure the purge solenoid will automatically disenage.

  3. The purge function can be disabled at any time by pressing the "Purge Button" a second time.
  4. When both bottles have reached the target pressure the purge function will disable itself.

    The disable feature is designed to prevent the purge solenoids from re-activating during staging if the bottle pressures rise above the preset target value. If necessary the purge function can be re-activated by pressing the button a second time.


The bottle pressure sensors are input directly to the ECU and can be recorded with the internal data logger and also monitored directly on the editor program channel monitor screen. These channels are also output on the serial link and/or CAN bus to any 3rd party data logger or dash display.


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